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Temperature Calibrators

RWT supply a complete range of Jofra temperature calibrators throughout Australia and New Zealand. See our complete Ametek Jofra Temperature Calibrator Product Guide. More than 20 models available.

  Name Description Manufacturer
Multifunction Calibrator - AMC910

Multifunction Calibrator for Pressure, Temperature and Signal Calibration. Benchtop model.

Ametek Jofra
RTC Series

Reference Temperature Calibrators. Temperature range: -90°C to 650°C, 12-month accuracy to ±0.04°C - Dual-zone heating block - Independently controlled heating zones - Portability.

Ametek Jofra
Jofra ITC Series

Temperature range: -23° to 650°C, 12-month accuracy to ±0.25°C - Dual heating block - Automatic step function.

Ametek Jofra
Jofra CTC Series

Compact Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

Ametek Jofra
Jofra MTC Series

Marine Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

Ametek Jofra
Jofra ETC Series

Easy Temperature Dry Block Calibrator - possibly the world's fastest dry block temperature calibrator

Ametek Jofra
Jofra DTI-1000 - Reference Temperature Indicator

Reference Digital Temperature Indicator - Reference thermometer for reliable and accurate temperature measurement with STS probe sensor.

Ametek Jofra
Jofra DTI-050

DTI-050 - Reference Digital Precision Temperature Indicator offering tracable temperature measurement.

Jofra PTC-Series

Professional temperature calibrator from Jofra. High accuracy, fast calibration, wide temperature range.

Ametek Jofra
Jofra PTC-125

Intuitive, fast, and accurate, dry-block temperature calibrator from Jofra Calibration. The most stable cooler calibrator on the market.

Ametek Jofra

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