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Training videos


Preparation and maintenance of the Royce 95 and 96 Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Step-by-step demonstration of maintenance for the Royce 95 and Royce 96 Dissolved Oxygen measurement sensors.




How to calibrate faster with FasTest Connectors

This quick connect calibration connector for a male process fitting will improve your calibration, making it up to 5 x faster. This is a genuine plug and play modular connector that replaces the need to use sealant tape and wrenches to get a leak-proof seal. This instrument will connect easily with calibrators, valve actuators, pressure gauges, transducers, compression fittings, and pipe threads.




Connect a process gauge fitting without sealant tape

This video shows the Fastest quick connect tool for a process gauge fitting. This tool eliminates the need for sealant tape and wrenches to get an absolute seal. There are many benefits to using this tool over traditional methods. For example - there is minimal thread wear and damage, and there is no contamination of the process media (which can occur with sealant tapes).



Quick connector for female process connection using FasTest

Showing how a quick connection can be made to a female process connector using FasTest Lever Port.



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