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Resources and downloads

Technical resources and downloads for Water and Wastewater industry professionals.

This page is intended as a resource centre to assist the user learn more about relevant processes. We accept no responsibility for errors or omissions. Information herein may change without notice. All technical data and information should be checked by an independent qualified person prior to its use.

True Capabilities of UV Absorbance to Detect Organics in Water

The objective of this study was to show that UV absorbance can be a useful method to detect and measure certain organic substances in water and/or waste water.

DOWNLOAD PDF - Capabilities-UV-Measure-Organics-Water.pdf


FDO: Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Measurement - The Optical Principle

Second generation Dissolved Oxygen sensors have overcome the technical issues to enable highly precise and reliable D.O measurements. The following paper explains exactly what is meant by Fluorescence DO measuring.

DOWNLOAD PDF - FDO Flurorescence D.O Measuring

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