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Suspended Solids

RWT offer the worlds leading solutions for suspended solids monitoring for wastewater treatment applications.

Manufacturer: Royce Technologies

The Royce Model 7011 is a total suspended solids system enabling continuous monitoring with automatic ranging.


Manufacturer: WTW Australia

The VisoTurb® 700 IQ on-line turbidity sensor is a high quality optical sensor for turbidity measurement.

Manufacturer: WTW Australia

Quality optical suspended solids sensor for total suspended solids measurement designed for waste water applications.

Manufacturer: Royce Technologies

RT-7011A Online Total Suspended Solids Analyser - Multiple Ranges: 0 - 10,000 up to 0 - 80,000 mg/l (Sensor Dependent) and Power supply:115Vac or 240Vac

Manufacturer: Royce Technologies

RT-73B/75A and 73/75P Medium Range Total Suspended Solids Tank and Inline Sensor - Single Gap, Optical; self cleaning. Model 73B has phased array emitter/receptor combination for automatic colour compensation

Manufacturer: Royce Technologies

RT-711 Portable Total Suspended Solids & Sludge Blanket Meter - stores the calibration values for suspended solids and interface level in two separate  memory locations allowing the User to switch between operational modes without having to recalibrate.

Manufacturer: LuminUltra

LU-QG21 Active Biomass Population Measurement - QuenchGone21 Wastewater (QG21W) is the key to a new level of efficiency in biological wastewater treatment plant operation. 

Terms of Trade for Royce Water Technology

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