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Signal Calibrators

Ametek Jofra's range of Signal Calibrators incorporate stand alone portable multifunction instruments, ideal for on-site calibration requirements, as well as benchtop and PC controlled high accurate instruments that can automatically calibrate up to 24 sensors at a time.

  Name Description Manufacturer
Jofra ASC300 Signal Calibrator

Compact Handheld Multifunction Signal Calibrator - Stimulates all process signals.

Ametek Jofra
Multifunction Calibrator - AMC910

Multifunction Calibrator for Pressure, Temperature and Signal Calibration. Benchtop model.

Ametek Jofra
Ametek Signal Calibrator ASM Series

Ametek Jofra Advanced Signal 8 Channel Scanner - Calibrate multiple temperature sensors simultaneously - Controlled by JOFRACAL software.

Ametek Jofra
Jofra mAcal Loop Calibrator

Generates and measures the current in the loop on 2-wire transmitters including 24 VDC loop supply. Autostep, Ramping, % readout.

Ametek Jofra
CSC201 Compact Signal Calibrator

Easy connector - Thermocouple plug - 2,3 or 4 wire RTD - Measures / stimulates mutliple RTD and TC types.

Ametek Jofra
Jofra CSC101 Compact

Instrument loop calibrations - 4 to 20 mA loops - source and read current & voltage incl. millivolts.

Ametek Jofra
Jofra ASC301

Ametek Jofra multi-function signal calibrator with simultaneous read-back and fast RTD simulation.

Ametek Jofra

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