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Innovative Solutions

Royce Water's Innovative Solutions range of cutting edge technologies from leading brands.

  Name Description Manufacturer
Lagoon MasterTM

Innovative Sludge Aeration Technology from Reliant Water Technologies. Cleans water and wastewater in ponds, lakes and lagoons using up to 80% less energy.

Reliant Water Technologies
BS-Process Refractometer

BS-Process Refractometer Systems - Refractometers are used in many industrial processes for product quality control and assurance, for example, monitoring the concentration of dissolved solids and controlling liquid blending ratios. 

B+S Process Instruments
Wet Well Wizard

Silver bullet for FOG and Odour problems in water collection systems: an innovative wet well aeration system from Reliant Water Technologies.

Reliant Water Technologies
BP-Automatic Methane

BP-Automatic Methane Potential Test System - Bioprocess Control’s Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS) II allows users to determine the true methane potential and dynamic degradation profile of any substrate. 

BioProcess Control
SAC Measurement WTW UV700 IQ

WTW UV700 IQ SAC - Sensor for continuous measurement of SAC (Spectral Absorption Coefficient) and UVT measurement. Suitable for corrosive environments.

Chemscan® MiniLowAm

Chemscan MiniLow-Am Reagent Assisted Online Ammonia Analyser for measurement of ammonial in effluent treatment


RWT-73/75 (MXD73/75) Surface or Panel Conductivity  Analyser - Choice of Electrodeless (Torroidal) or Electrode Types - Simple Intuitive Programming in either IP66 Panel or Surface Mount Options

Royce Water
N2O Wastewater Sensor

N2O wastewater sensor which delivers temperature compensated data output. Very low maintenance and easy to calibrate.

Unisense Environment
N2O Wastewater Sensor Head

Measures dissolved N2O in wastewater. Self-cleaning and easy to replace.

Unisense Environment
N2O Measurement Sensor Calibration Kit

2 Point Calibration Kit for first installation and bi-monthly calibration of the N2O Wastewater sensor from Unisense Environment.

Unisense Environment

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