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Automatic Water Samplers

Need an Automatic Water / Wastewater Sampler?

Looking for data logging and easy USB to PC integration?

Royce Water Technologies are the distributor of water & wastewater sampling equipment. Our automatic water samplers feature the innovative “Aquacell” technology for accurate, continuous, automatic fluid sampling.

We supply a complete range of fixed and portable water sampler units.

The Aquamatic range of automatic waste water samplers includes energy efficient refrigerated wastewater samplers.

portable automatic water samplers for australia



We stock a wide range of sample containers available and all the accessories you need.

We have an automatic water sampler for every application.

  • Automatic effluent sampling for sewage management
  • Water sampling for potable drinking water
  • Wastewater sampling for mining applications
  • Industrial process fluid sampling


Contact us for pricing and expert advice on the best automatic water sampler for your requirements.

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A Royce Water representative will contact you within 1 business day. We provide expert advice on effluent sampling, water sampling and wastewater sampling.

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