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Aquamatic Samplers

  • Aquacell Sampler P2 MULTIFORM

    The most versatile waste water sampler in the Aquamatic Samplers portable range. Compatible with 4 different types of sample collection containers.

  • Aquacell Water Sampler P2 COOLBOX

    Portable water & wastewater sampler with passive temperature control. Perfect for biologically active wastewater sampling.

  • Aquacell Water Sampler P2 Compact

    Aquamatic portable sampler – Aquacell P2 Compact.  The most portable automatic sampler for water sampling and monitoring in the entire Aquamatic range.

  • Aquamatic S320 Water Sampler

    Indoor, floor standing and refrigerated automatic water, wastewater and effluent sampler.

  • Aquacell S200 Water Sampler

    Automatic wastewater or effluent sampling equipment designed for secure indoor locations. Simplest sampler in the Aquamatic 200s range.

  • Aquacell S310H Water Sampler

    Water / wastewater / effluent Sampler. Designed for outdoor use. Features sample frost protection. Non-refrigerated.

  • Aquacell S310 Water Sampler

    Floor non-refrigerated automatic water / wastewater / effluent sampler. Stationary automatic sampler designed for indoor applications.

  • Aquacell S100 Water Sampler

    Full specification compact wall mounted automatic water and wastewater sampler.

  • Aquacell S50 Water Sampler

    Super compact wall mounted automatic effluent / water / wastewater sampler for indoor applications by Aquamatic Samplers.