Dead Weight Testers

Dead Weight Testers

Dead weight testers are used for testing accuracy of pressure gauge readings. RWT Australia offers a range of pneumatic and hydraulic Mansfield and Green dead weight testers.

  • AMETEK Jofra Hydralite Portable

    This extremely compact, self-contained portable tester is designed for pressure ranges from 10-200 psi (1-15 bar) up to 50-3,000 psi (5-225 bar).

  • AMETEK Jofra Dual Column Tester

    Separate columns are provided for high and low pressure measuring piston/ cylinder assemblies. Range changes are achieved using a built-in crossover valve that allows three-point calibrations to be performed in seconds. It is not necessary to purchase a second set of weights. Fill fluids and pressure ranges are the same as type T single column testers.

  • AMETEK Jofra Type T Dead Weight

    High accuracy hydraulic dead weight tester for applications up to 15,000 psi (1,000 bar)

  • AMETEK Jofra Model HK Tester

    High pressure Pneumatic dead weight tester for high pressure applications up to 1,500 psi (100 bar)

  • AMETEK Jofra Model RK

    Pneumatic dead weight tester ideal for pressure ranges from 1 to 300 psi (0.01 to 20 bar) and provides for incremental pressures down to only 0.1 psi (1 mbar)

  • AMETEK Jofra Model PK II Pneumatic

    Low pressure pneumatic dead weight tester from AMETEK Jofra, the worlds most trusted brand. Portable, rugged construction and ideal for field or laboratory use.