Interface Level

Interface Level

  • WTW IFL 700 IQ Digital Interface Level Sensor

    Get more reliable interface level / bed level measurement with the WTW IFL 700 IQ Digital Sensor. Intelligent signal processing with smart filtering. Minimise “noise” signals.

  • Model 2511A – Royce Technologies

    Interface Level / Bed Level / Sludge Blanket Level Analyser – suitable for measuring a range of liquids in addition to water. Ability to modify the ultrasonic signal for measuring different mediums.

    It also has four setpoint relays which can each be used as either a “high” or “low” setpoint. A serial output is available on both Models for the purpose of tying a number of the units to a central process control computer.

  • Bed Level Detector 2511A

    Royce Technologies Bed Level Detector / Interface Level Analyser provides reliable monitoring of solid/liquid interfaces in settling tanks and clarifiers.