Ammonia Analysers

Ammonia Analysers

Royce Water is the Australian supplier for Chemscan Online Ammonia Analysers. We have more than 10 years of experience in installing, maintaining and calibrating Ammonia Analysers.

  • ChemScan® UV-6101

    The Chemscan® UV-6101 Process Analyser has the capability for continuous, on-line, automatic monitoring of up to 8 sample lines. Multiple parameters, detection ranges and data outputs.

  • ChemScan® UV-4100

    The Chemscan® UV 4100 Nutrient Analyser measures up to 4 parameters: Dissolved ammonia, total inorganic Phosphate, free and total chlorine, and Nitrate / Nitrite (Percentage of transmittance).

  • WTW VARiON® Plus

    Combination sensor for ammonium and nitrate – In-situ – Ion-selective with automatic compensation

  • Chemscan® MiniLowAm

    Chemscan® MiniLow-Am Reagent Assisted Online Ammonia Analyser for measurement of ammonial in effluent treatment


  • WTW-Varion 700 IQ Ammonium

    In-situ combination sensor for ammonium and nitrate used with IQ Sensor Net Instruments #182 or #2020.

  • WTW-AmmoLyt 700 IQ

    In-situ-Ammonium sensor with potassium compensation used with IQ Sensor Net Instruments #182 or #2020

  • ChemScan® UV-2150 (Ammonia)

    On-line Process Analyser enabling continuous, on-line automatic monitoring of Chlorine / Chloramination, Ammonia, Dissolved Ammonia, total inorganic phosphate and Ortho Phosphates. Ideal chloramination analyser for municipal water treatment.