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Methane Potential

Royce Water are the leading Australia supplier of cutting edge technology developed by Bioprocess Control for the measurement of biochemical methane and biogas potential.

  Name Description Manufacturer
AMPTS II Biogas Analyser

Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS II) for on-line lab measurements of ultra low bio-methane and biogas flows.

BioProcess Control
CSTR Bioreactors

Bioprocess Control CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors) to accurately simulate full-scale fermentation processes in laboratory or small pilot scale. Available in 5 and 10 litres.

BioProcess Control
Biogas Endeavour

Take control of your substrates! Developed for plant operators for rapid evaluation of biogas production potential and dynamic degradation profile from any biomass substrate.

BioProcess Control
BioReactor Simulator

A cloud based simulation platform for simulating laboratory scale anaerobic fermentation processes. Controlled by web-based software.

BioProcess Control

Compact and highly accurate measurement instrument for ultra low biogas flows. Designed for on-line real-time monitoring of laboratory scale applications.

BioProcess Control

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