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Dead Weight Testers

Dead weight testers are used for testing accuracy of pressure gauge readings. RWT Australia offers a range of pneumatic and hydraulic Mansfield and Green dead weight testers.

Sub Categories

These self-regulating floating-ball testers offer a high level of accuracy independent of the operator and have earned their reputation as the 'standard of primary standards'.

Superior to digital systems, AMETEK hydraulic dead weight testers offer excellent performance and long term stability and they feature a proven design that will deliver years of trouble-free operation.

  Name Description Manufacturer
Model PK II

Low pressure pneumatic dead weight tester from Ametek, the worlds most trusted brand. Portable, rugged construction and ideal for field or laboratory use.

Ametek Jofra
Model RK

Pneumatic dead weight tester ideal for pressure ranges from 1 to 300 psi (0.01 to 20 bar) and provides for incremental pressures down to only 0.1 psi (1 mbar)

Ametek Jofra
Model HK

High pressure Pneumatic dead weight tester for high pressure applications up to 1,500 psi (100 bar)

Ametek Jofra
Type T

High accuracy hydraulic dead weight tester for applications up to 15,000 psi (1,000 bar)

Ametek Jofra
Dual Column Tester

Separate columns are provided for high and low pressure measuring piston/ cylinder assemblies. Range changes are achieved using a built-in crossover valve that allows three-point calibrations to be performed in seconds. It is not necessary to purchase a second set of weights. Fill fluids and pressure ranges are the same as type T single column testers.

Ametek Jofra
Hydralite Portable

This extremely compact, self-contained portable tester is designed for pressure ranges from 10-200 psi (1-15 bar) up to 50-3,000 psi (5-225 bar).

Ametek Jofra

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