N2O Wastewater Monitoring

The world’s first continuous, real-time online measurement of Nitrous Oxide to analyse production and emissions N2O by wastewater treatment plants.

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Lowering aeration to minimum requirements is a commonly implemented energy & cost saving measure in wastewater treatment. However the increase in N2O production and emissions creates it’s own environmental issues. N2O has up to 320 x the global warming potential of CO2.

Unisense Environment have developed the first N2O monitoring system for wastewater treatment.

The N20 Wastewater System developed by Unisense Environment is the only online monitoring system which enables:

  • Measuring and analysing the amounts of N2O produced during wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater treatment plants to implement new process strategies to reduce N20 production
  • Complete carbon footprint reports by including Greenhouse gas emissions from N2O

Royce Water Technologies is the distributor for Unisense Environment solutions in Australia. Contact your local representative for sales, support and installation.

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