Wet Well Wizard

Silver bullet for FOG and Odour problems in water collection systems: an innovative wet well aeration system from Reliant Water Technologies.

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Want to Dramatically Reduce Wet Well Maintenance?

Reliant Water Technologies have solved your FOG (Fats Oils & Grease) and Odour problems in your sewage lift station wet well with the Wet Well Wizard. The ‘Wizard’ is uniquely designed, low maintenance wet well aerator which simplifies FOG collection, reduces odour and viscous solids.

Dissolve FOG in Hours – Easy removal of hard debris.

Reliant Water Technologies have solved your sewage lift station maintenance problems with this ingeniously designed wet well aeration system. Using the Wet Well Wizard is guaranteed to save many hours labour by dramatically reducing the collection time for removing FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) and other viscous semi-solids.

Minimal Maintenance Wet Wells

The Wet Well Wizard aeration system is the best solution available for the following common problems in wastewater pump stations:

  • FOG and Odour problems: wet wells / sewage lift station / wastewater pump station
  • Lift station and down-line odour control problems
  • Water collection station septicity leading to H2S corrosion
  • Clogging problems which result in lift station pump breakdown and addition maintenance costs

How it works

1. FOG and other suspended solids in the wet well are broken up and liquified by a continuous flow of cleaved bubbles. Non-dissolvable solid debris are separated from FOG coatings and can be easily removed with a simple screen scoop.

2. The continuous aeration of the wet well by the Wizard keeps aerobic microbial activity activated. This enables constant aerobic degradation of solids with natural odour control.

3. The continuous input of oxygen into the Wet Well, prevents H2S building up and causing corrosion to other components of the collection system.

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The following options are available for Wet Well Wizard installations:

Standard Wet Well Installation

  • Wet Well Wizard complete with stand and base
  • 35 feet of reinforced polyurethane air hose with connection hardware
  • 1.5 HP regenerative blower with pressure protection (to meet your required power source). Includes pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and complete intake filter.
  • Installation manual

Options available

  • Non-corrosive protective hood for blower
  • Stainless steel intake filter hood and filter element with stainless steel painted filter platform
  • For larger wet wells (greater than 7 feet diameter) - multiple Wet Well Wizard installation with multiple hose manifold

The following information is essential to know before a Wet Well Wizard can be installed at your facility:

1. How deep is your sewage lift station?

2. What is the diameter of the wet well for your lift station?

3. What is the minimum water level in the wet well?

4. What is the max water level in the wet well?

5. Is there a building at the lift station that houses the power panel?

6. What is the distance from the power panel to the bottom of the wet well?

7. What is the voltage, phase and Hz of the power for your lift station?

8. Does the sewage lift station pad have the potential to flood?

Specifications for a standard Wet Well Wizard installation:

Wizard body:                HDPE tube 76mm
Cleavers:                      6.35mm HDPE
Hardware and base:     316 L stainless steel
Hose:                            10.7 metres reinforced polyurethane pressure sit hose
Blower:                         1.1 Kilowatt ; any desired voltage, phase, Hz – 68 dB