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Our Brands

Ametek Jofra

ametek jofra calibration equipment australia

Royce Water supply Ametek Jofra calibration equipment including Temperature calibrators, Signal calibrators and Pressure calibrators including Dead Weight Testers in Australia.

Jofra website: http://www.jofra.com

Ametek website: http://www.ametek.com



aquametics portable and fixed wastewater samplers



Royce Water Technologies is the Australian distributor for Aquamatics innovative portable and stationary wastewater samplers.

Aquamatics Website: http://www.aquamaticsamplers.com/products/

BioProcess Control

bioprocess control logo australia

biogas reactor biogas research instrumentationRoyce Water is a major supplier of BioProcess Control instrumentation for research and industry applications for measuring biogas potential in biogas plants.

BioProcess control has a comprehensive offering of biogas instrumentation and simulation environment products. Including:

  • Biochemical methane potential testing (BMP) kits
  • Substrate analysis instrumentation for biogas applications
  • Biogas plant process simulators
  • Gas flow measurement
  • Biogas reactors

BioProcess Control are innovators in advanced instrumentation for biogas research and process control technologies. Contact your local Royce Water representative for product pricing, sales and support within Australia.

BioProcess Control Website: http://www.bioprocesscontrol.com




A biological stimulant for reduction of odours in waste collection systems; reduction of fats; oils and
greases in grease traps; reduction of filamentous bulking; reduction of sludge, MLSS and MLVSS.

Byo-gon website: http://byogon.com/


Chemscan® (ASA Analytics)

chemscan online process analysers australia

On-line Chemical and nutrient analysers for water and wastewater treatment processes - ammonia,
BOD, COD, nitrate, nitrite, chlorine, ortho-phosphate, turbidity.

 Chemscan website: http://www.chemscan.com

LTH Electronics

lth electronics contactless conductivity sensors and controllers

LTH are world innovators in contactless conductivity sensors and controllers.

LTH Electronics website: http://lth.co.uk


Royce Technologies

On-line and portable instrumentation in dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, sludge blanket level,interface level, pH/ORP.

Royce Technologies website: http://www.roycetechnologies.com

Sonic Solutions

sonic solutions ultrasonic algae control

Ultrasonic algae control in water storage ponds and dams.

Sonic solutions website: http://sonicsolutionsllc.com



tekleen filters autralian distributor & supllier

TEKLEEN® are the leading manufacturer of high quality, automatic, self cleaning water filters. TEKLEEN® are the specialists in industrial and agricultural water filtration. Royce Water Technologies are the Australian distributor and supplier of TEKLEEN® products.

TEKLEEN® website: http://www.tekleen.com







Ultrasonic sludge disintegration. Innovators of the ultrawaves reactor

Website: http://www.ultrawaves.de/en/


WTW On-line Instrumentation (a Xylem brand)

wtw on-line instruments for water and wastewater australia

WTW has provided outstanding leadership in the design and production of superior quality water testing instrumentation world-wide for over 60 years. WTW has built a solid reputation in its more than 60 year history by providing “best in class” products with unparalleled customer and technical support.

Royce Water is a major Australian supplier of WTW Online Instrumentation for water and wastewater treatment.


  • Monitors
  • Ecoline / QuadroLine
  • Sensors: (Dissolved Oxygen, pH/ORP, Conductivity, Turbidity/Suspended Solids, Nitrogen, Carbon)


  • Multi-parameter System IQ SENSOR NET
  • System 182 (XT) and 2020 (XT)

WTW Instrumentation Online: http://www.wtw.de/en/home.html

Xylem brands website: http://www.xyleminc.com/en-us/brands/Pages/default.aspx

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