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12 years of experience in water and wastewater solutions.


Save money with low maintenance and durable products.


A reputation for world class installation, service and support.

Royce Water Technologies has established an envied reputation as a quality supplier and manufacturer of innovative solutions in the areas of analytical monitoring, control and process improvement in the diverse water and wastewater industry.

We manufacturer Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, Hydrostatic Level Sensors and Lagoon Water Moving Aerators for control of Sludge and Algae. Our range of online Analytical instruments includes measurements for Dissolved Oxygen, MLSS, pH/ORP, NO2, NO3, NH3, COD, BOD, TOC, DOC, ATP, UV254, FCL, Conductivity, TDS, Turbidity, Biomass Methane Potential, Sulphite, Manganese, Water Levels in Wet Wells/Lift Stations etc. Royce is the authorised factory representative for Chemscan and WTW within Australia. A featured product at this years Exhibition will be online Sludge Dewatering Optimisation equipment from Valmet which contributes significant savings in Polymer consumption, energy consumption and dewatered solids transportation.


Want to Dramatically Reduce Wet Well Maintenance?

Reliant Water Technologies have solved your FOG (Fats Oils & Grease) and Odour problems in your sewage lift station wet well with the Wet Well Wizard. The ‘Wizard’ is uniquely designed, low maintenance wet well aerator which simplifies FOG collection, reduces odour and viscous solids.

Dissolve FOG in Hours – Easy removal of hard debris.

Wet Well Aerator FOG Wizard In Action

Continuous aeration of the wet well breaks up and liquifies FOG and sets up aerobic digestion for odour control and breakdown of solids.

For more information about the benefits of the Wet Well Wizard – see the full Wet Well Wizard product details and specifications.

Want a failsafe wastewater level in your lift station?

The FOG Rod® is the first wastewater level for lift station wet wells that keeps working in tough FOG. In normal operating conditions, the FOG Rod® can keep working for up to 3 months before FOG starts to affect operation.

Wastewater Level FOG ROD In Wet Well With FOG

Find out exactly what makes the FOG Rod® completely failsafe: Read more….

Aquamatic – Automatic Wastewater Samplers

Royce Water Technologies are the Aquamatic distributor for Australia. We carry the complete range of Aquamatics products for automatic water and wastewater sampling.

Aquamatics portable and stationary wastewater samplers use Aquacell technology, incorporating a wide-bore vaccuum pump. The Aquacell is designed to ensure that a representive water or wastewater sample is collected everytime.

Innovative portable and stationary wastewater Aquamatic samplers are now distributed in Australia by your local state sales representative. Aquamatic have designed their robust and reliable wastewater samplers to suit a wide range of applications. Aquamatics automatic samplers are used by well known brands such as Cadbury-Schweppes, Heinz, and Rolls Royce.

Portable Wastewater Samplers Aquacell Australia    Stationary Waterwater Samplers Aquacell

Contact your local representative for Australian pricing and find out which Aquamatic automatic water sampler is best suited to your requirements.

NEW: SAC measurement with the new sensor UV 700 IQ SAC

WTW Australia SAC Measurement SensorThe new IQ SENSOR NET sensor almost continuously measures the spectral absorption coefficient (SAC) at 254 nm.

Spectral Absorption Coefficient measurement enables the detection of organic loads immediately without reagents.

Common applications for the WTW UV 700 IQ SAC are: Recognising load changes in wastewater treatment plants influent and effluent.

Measurement of organic load in rivers and lakes without the requirement for any reagent.

For more information and our price for the WTW UV 700 IQ – contact your local Royce representative.


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