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12 years of experience in water and wastewater solutions.


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Royce Water Technologies has established an envied reputation as a quality supplier and manufacturer of innovative solutions in the areas of analytical monitoring, control and process improvement in the diverse water and wastewater industry.

We manufacturer Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, Hydrostatic Level Sensors and Lagoon Water Moving Aerators for control of Sludge and Algae. Our range of online Analytical instruments includes measurements for Dissolved Oxygen, MLSS, pH/ORP, NO2, NO3, NH3, COD, BOD, TOC, DOC, ATP, UV254, FCL, Conductivity, TDS, Turbidity, Biomass Methane Potential, Sulphite, Manganese, Water Levels in Wet Wells/Lift Stations etc. Royce is the authorised factory representative for Chemscan and WTW within Australia. A featured product at this years Exhibition will be online Sludge Dewatering Optimisation equipment from Valmet which contributes significant savings in Polymer consumption, energy consumption and dewatered solids transportation.

THE NEWS Solutions

RWT 73 75 Multi-function AnalyserMXD 73/75: The Multi-Function Analyser

Hundreds of installations in Australia!

The innovative MXD 70 series of process instruments brings a new dimension to analytical process measurements with the modular design to meet ever changing process requirements.

Measuring: Temperature / pH / ORP(Redox) / Conductivity / Salinity / TDS / Dissolved Oxygen / Turbidity / Suspended Solids (TSS)

Click here for more information about the benefits and specifications of the MXD 73/75.


Aquameta Labs Hydrostatic SensorsIntroducing The Aquameta Labs Range of Hydrostatic Level Sensors

State of the art pressure sensors!

Royce Water Technologies now manufactures a line of high quality hydrostatic sensors to measure level in both water and chemical applications.

The CR420 series of 4-20mA pressure transducers are a cost effective and robust solution designed for continuous water level measurement where a 4-20mA output is required.

Click here to see the entire range of Hydrostatic Level Sensors.


VALMET total solids measurement aValmet Total Solids: Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Optimisation

Reliable management of wastewater solids

For more than ten years Valmet’s microwavebased solid content transmitters have been used in the process industry for highly demanding applications.

Valmet TS has been developed from third generation microwave solids transmitters, combining cost-efficiency with the extreme accuracy of microwave technology. The new transmitter meets the needs of wastewater treatment plants – with no compromises in accuracy. The 500 references in global waste water industry speak for the excellence.

Click here for more information about the benefits and specifications of the Valmet Total Solids Transmitter.


Krypton<sup>®</sup> Multi

Krypton® Multi: The Multiple Channel Water Monitoring System 

Reagentless Free and Total Chlorine Measurement with pH Compensation

Controlled and reliable measurements driven by Kuntze Krypton® systems. The measuring system includes all customers need for disinfectant measurement: instrument, sensors, assembly and cables.

The Krypton® Multi is a measuring system for disinfectant, pH and temperature – optional ORP and 5th measuring input (Cl2, TCl or conductivity). Kuntze Krypton® Multi are delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Click here for more information about the benefits and specifications of the Krypton® Multi.


RWT-G95AIntroducing The Next Generation RWT G95A

Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor

The Australian made RWT G95A is the next generation in Dissolved Oxygen measurement.

We have taken a sensor that was already good and made it better. Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor are part of Australia’s most proven range of Dissolved Oxygen Systems with excellent measurement at the low end of the measurement range at zero. They are the preferred choice at many wastewater treatment authorities.

Click here for more information about the benefits and specifications of the RWT G95A.


ChemScan Mini Ammonia AnalyzerChemScan® Mini Ammonia Analyzer

For real-time wastewater analysis

The single parameter in-line analyser family from ASA Analytics utilises years of ChemScan® experience and proven technology to provide reliable and accurate analysis of water and waste water.

This device has been designed from the ground up to reduce maintenance requirements, includes large ID sample tubing to minimise plugging and only needs quarterly reagent refills.

Click here for more information about the benefits and specifications of the Chemscan® MiniLowAm.


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